Tuesday, 8 January 2019

What do they say about the Cover-Up being worse than the "crime"?

There's an old saying that the Cover Up is worse than the "crime".  

My colleague, Ian Davis has highlighted a link between Lord Derby's Estate and Savills, a leading and large property agent.  This is especially in relation to the council's plans to establish a Development Company to build houses and the current Local Plan Review.

So concerned is Ian, that he has written to the council's Chief Executive over the matter.

I doubt, those concerns will have been allayed by the sudden change today (8th January) to the LinkedIn profile of Simon Waller, Estates Director at Lord Derby's Estates.  

Having had the connection between his employment at Savills and Lord Derby's Estate publicly commented upon by a councillor and with two local websites carrying the same story just today, Simon Waller has suddenly altered his LinkedIn page to remove all reference to employment by Savills.

Is he still employed by Savills?  We don't know.  Was he previously employed by Savills?  One assumes he must have been from his LinkedIn entry until today.  What is interesting is that he feels so embarrassed by the connection that he should feel the need to completely remove all reference to employment by Savills from his profile.  Why would he want to do that?

Here's a screenshot of the LinkedIn profile he doesn't want you to see, which was current until sometime earlier today (8th January).  


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