Sunday, 6 May 2018

Two-Timing Councillor seeks new "nice little earner"

My views on Councillor Paul Moon – the councillor who remains a Borough councillor in both West Lancashire and Wyre are well-known (see here and here), but now he is seeking to boost his allowances still further by becoming Chairman of the Planning Committee on Wyre council while simultaneously trying to represent his residents in Hesketh Bank, West Lancashire where he two-times as a councillor. 

In January I focussed on his poor attendance record .  Cllr Moon seems impervious to calls for him to mend his ways but perhaps emails from local residents in West Lancashire and Wyre might cause a rethink.

The meeting to decide who will become Planning Committee Chairman at Wyre Council is this Wednesday 10th May, so if you share concerns about Cllr Moon then don't delay write now to:

West Lancashire Conservative Group Leader, Cllr David Westley (if you are a West Lancashire resident) 

Wyre Conservative Group Leader, Cllr David Henderson (if you are a Wyre resident)

Please copy us into your email and share any reply with us.  Our email is

You might also wish to write to the letters page of the local paper and to your local councillor asking for their comments on the matter.

"American politicians do anything for money...English politicians take the money and won't do anything."  Stephen Leacock

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